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Softorder is a Distribution management System

Softorder is a distribution management system designed to automate and manage a major distribution and a manufacturing company's products distribution chain from the point when the customer orders product up to the point of delivery at the customer's selected location. We understand that companies look out for more innovative approaches to making the ordering and delivery process of their products seamless.

Softorder is an online real time solution designed to be mobile ready which can be easily accessible through an internet enabled device. It allows customers to setup multiple locations and also set various delivery locations to different orders as they prefer. The system generates a unique tracking code for every order made by the customer. This is a control mechanism which ensures that every orders made by or for customers get to the intended customers. The tracking code is required to mark every order as delivered on the system.

Why You Need Softorder


Softorder makes managing product delivery at customer site become very easy and convenient for both the company and the customers.

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With a competitive budget, you can deploy and setup Softorder and give your business the competitive edge you've always desired.

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Softorder can be easily plugged into your other ERP solution such as SAP and Microsoft Dynamics among others.

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Turnaround Time

Softorder will help you streamline your distribution management turn around time by improving and speeding up you supply and delivery processes.

Features of Softorder

Mobile Ready

The system is responsive and can be access coveniently on any internet enabled device.


The system allows administrator and staff access to statistical summary of performance all at a glance.

Tracking Code

The system generates a unique tracking code for every order made by the customer to verify order delivery.

Account Managemennt

All users have their unique accounts and can manage they account and access their activities respectively.

Online Real-time

The system is a web based application and this makes it easly accessible anywhere at anytime on any internet enabled device.


Softorder has a robust reporting system which helps managers make smart business decisions fast and conveniently.

Order Tracking

The system keeps track of every customer order and updates the customer at every stage of their transaction process.


The system is designed based on standard security protocols and our clients can be sure their classified information will not be compromised.


The system send notifications both via SMS and email to the customer at every stage of the transaction process.

Payment Gateway Integration

Softorder makes it convenient for customers to make payment online through a secure pament gateway platform.

Multiuser System

Softorder has 6 user types - the administrator, customer, order administrator, shipment manager, delivery man and sales rep.

e-Wallet System

Softorder allows customers have an e-wallet where money can be deposited to their account for purchase of products.

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